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Environmental management is a major issue for New Caledonia, as both one of the world’s key biodiversity hotspots and the world’s fourth largest producer of mined nickel. Exploitation of this vast natural resource and the related environmental repercussions, together with the management, conservation and development of New Caledonia’s outstanding biodiversity are areas of key priority for the country. One of CRESICA’s main challenges is to provide the country with the skills it needs, by playing an active role in ensuring optimal coherence between issues of concern in New Caledonia and training opportunities. The Master’s Degree in Environmental Management was initiated against this background.

Master’s Degree in Environmental Management

The Master’s Degree in Environmental Management, Environmental Science studies (GE-SPE), is a course of study funded by the State-Joint Local Authority Development Contract through CRESICA. Tailored to the New Caledonian context, this is a two year Master’s course comprising 4 semesters of teaching and internships. The first year of the course is based entirely at UNC and includes a two month internship during the second semester. In the second year, the 3rd semester is a period of compulsory study spent outside New Caledonia, working on a Master’s course selected by the teaching staff. The 4th semester involves an internship of 5 months minimum in a research body or business, working on a topic approved by the teaching staff.

This Master’s Degree course is designed to train graduates (high school diploma + 5 years) as managers with the skills needed for environment-related jobs, either with businesses (mining, habitat restoration, environmental studies, etc.) or with public authorities (provinces, government and municipalities). The skills acquired will give graduates the expertise needed to adopt an integrated and multidisciplinary approach in understanding and handling general environmental management issues (conservation, rehabilitation), natural resources and in monitoring/controlling activities which have an environmental impact.
Around fifteen students are trained each year. The course requires the involvement of around fifteen teachers and thirty part-time teachers or external lecturers. Regular outside trips are organised to give students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to actual instances involving environmental issues in New Caledonia.

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